Ash Green Product Range


We provide a range of products related to raised beds gardening; our raised beds come in many sizes, shapes and heights.  If you cannot find the size or shape you require, talk to us and we can assist you in creating the perfect match for your gardening needs.




Square/Rectangular Beds

Preferred option for growing vegetables; although can be used for flowers and herbs.  These come in a variety of sizes.



Hexagonal Beds

These are ideal for growing runner beans.  Although they can be any size you wish, we believe our standard size which allow 10 or 12 canes is ideal for the average family’s needs.  Because you have control over the soil, your runner beans will be more productive and therefore you need less plants.  These beds are also ideal for ornamental herbs and flowers


These allow you to put beds where normally the space could be wasted, or to fit awkward corners.


Triangular Beds

Triangular shapes ideal for awkward corners to optimise space in your garden.



Beds with Legs

Raised beds/plants with legs are ideal for those less mobile.  These come in both standard and superior types.



Raised Bed Accessories

Range of accessories for your raised beds.






Our raised beds are delivered to your door usually within 28 days of order.  However, if you require something more urgently please discuss your requirements and we will see what we can do to assist.  A charge of £13.95 is made for delivery. 

Custom made raised beds are delivered personally and fitted to requirements in situ.  Delivery and assembly prices will be included in the price given on request.